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Thursday, 26 December 2019

Prepositional Phrase Examples: A Big List of 160+ Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional Phrase Examples
What is a Prepositional Phrase?
A prepositional phrase is a group of words consisting of a preposition, its object, and any words that modify the object. Most of the time, it modifies a verb or a noun. These two kinds of prepositional phrases are called adverbial phrases and adjectival phrases, respectively.
Here are some basic examples:
At school
In town
On the table
Off the sidewalk
To the beach
Up the road
With Steven
On balance
On a diet
By heart
By law
In good condition

Prepositional Phrase List
AT :- Here is a useful list of prepositional phrases with AT you should know.
at high speed
at risk
at one’s side
at a fraction of
at the outset
at the end
at sight
at the double
at one time
at a discount
at a distance
at a glance
at a guess
at a loose and
at a loss
at a low ebb
at a price
at a rate of
at a speed of
at a standstill
at all costs
at all events
at issue
at large
at least
at length
at liberty
at most
at night
at noon
at one’s leisure
at one’s request
at peace
at war

OUT :- List of some common prepositional phrases with OUT in English.
out of fashion
out of print
out of step
out of breath
out of context
out of control
out of curiosity
out of jealousy
out of date
out of doors
out of duty
out of hand
out of ideas
out of one’s mind
out of order
out of pity
out of place
out of practice
out of reach
out of respect for
out of sight
out of spite
out of stock
out of the ordinary
out of the question
out of work

IN :- This is a useful list of prepositional phrases – IN.
in time
in demand
in of focus
in an uproar
in answer to
in anticipation of
in arrears
in danger
in debt
in decline
in defense of
in detail
in disgrace
in disguise
in fact
in fairness to
in favor of
in fear of
in flames
in flower
in full
in future
in gear
in general
in good condition
in good faith
in hand
in harmony (with)
in haste
in hiding
in high spirits
in honor of
in horror
in ink

BY :- Here is a useful list of prepositional phrases with BY you should know
by chance
by the name of
by luck
by accident
by air
by sea
by land
by all accounts
by all means
by any standard
by appointment
by birth
by check
by coincidence
by courtesy of
by definition
by degrees
by design
by dint of
by far
by force
by hand
by heart
by law
by marriage
by means of
by mistake
by my watch
by nature
by no means
by request
by rights
by sight

ON :- Here is a useful list of prepositional phrases with ON you should know
on watch
on schedule
on the record
on the road
on oath
on pain of
on the air
on balance
on a diet
on a journey
on a trip
on a large scale
on a small scale
on a pension
on a regular basis
on a spree
on account of
on an expedition
on an island
on approval
on average
on bail
on behalf of
on board
on business
on order
on remand
on show
on strike
on suspicion of
on the agenda
on the brink of
on the dot
on the edge of

Prepositional Phrase Examples
The cupcake with colorful sprinkles is yours.
In this garden, there are many strawberries.
There are lots of birds nesting under the eaves.
He’s standing behind a tree.
I get to school on my bike.
She talked about the story.
The cat in the middle is the cutest.
I adopted a black cat with white paws.
For one hundred years the chair sat moldering in the attic.
I put the book on the table in the kitchen.
After work, I always go to the gym.
My mother has always wanted to live in a cabin by the lake.
Robin was angry about the comment.
She likes to spend a lot of time with her baby.
She is out of practice so she will not dance well tonight.
The children squared off the sidewalk to play hopscotch.
He drove at a speed of sixty miles per hour.
My veganism is out of respect for animals.
Seb was still in high spirits after winning the race.
Jane and I are related by marriage.
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